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Advertising Policy for Consulting Connect

vServices Ltd (Owner of Consulting-Connect) is committed to providing possible opportunities, e.g. platforms to reach their audience, to our users to grow their business and passion. However, this shall not violate rights or discomfort our other users. To ensure this, we have following a safe practice as outlined below. Consulting-Connect (a team of vServices Ltd) do not allow following items to be promoted, advertised or displayed on our portal through any advertisers, or subscribers. It shall be the responsibility of the originator to ensure all contents advertised are meeting Consulting-Connect terms and conditions are ethical, and professionally and legally correct. It is important to read following paragraphs, and if you are not in agreement, please stop using our advertising service. When we find you violating these requirements, we may block it from appearing, and we may also stop you away from advertising with us or using our services.

We Do Not Allow:
Sale or promotion for Sale of Fake goods. Dangerous products or services such as drugs, psychoactive substances, weapons, explosive materials and fireworks and tobacco products. Dishonest behaviour is promoting for hacking or cheating services. We do not allow this. Inappropriate content displaying hatred; violence; harassment; racism; sexual, religious, or political intolerance, or organisations with such views content. Malicious ads, sites, or apps that attempt to gain an unfair advantage. Data collection and use for unclear purposes or without appropriate security measures. Falsification or misleading information of product or services for our users. The promotion of the adult-oriented content e.g. adult entertainment, dating, bride, sexually explicit content, escort services or other services as providing sexual acts in exchange for compensation shall not be allowed. Content that is encouraging the violation of Copyrighted items, Trademarks or Alcohol, gambling, applicable laws and laws of the land (where campaign starts). Healthcare and medicines (of any kind) shall not be promoted or advertised. Contents supporting political views, ethnic or religious preferences shall be not allowed.